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City urges proper disposal methods

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Wills Point city officials issued a plea to local residents last week, urging people to be cautious about items that they flush down the drain.

A March 12 Facebook post by the city stated, “If you are forced to use something other than toilet paper (even wipes labeled flushable), throw them in the trash. Do not dispose of them in your toilet. The city sewer system will become overloaded and you will have bigger issues than not having toilet paper.”

Other entities are echoing similar sentiments with the California Association of Sanitation Agencies adding, “Single-use wet wipes have gained popularity in recent years. Many of these products are marketed as flushable, but often times are not compatible with sewer systems and infrastructure. Other products are not intended to be flushed but end up being improperly disposed of in the toilet.

“Flushing these products presents an increasing problem for property owners, sewer systems, and ratepayers, since wipes often do not break down after being flushed. Wipes can catch on tree roots and accumulate with fats, oils and grease and become large obstructions in the pipes. Further down the line, they weave together and create giant rags which get stuck in pumps, collection systems, and motors, causing backups and equipment failures.

“This problem is experienced across the state, country, and worldwide as disposable wet wipe products become more widely available.”