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Court adjusts VZCR 3816 speed limit

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An agreement between Van Zandt County and the Fruitvale Water Supply Corporation (FWSC) regarding improvements for the corporation’s water supply was approved Nov. 10 by the VZC Commissioners Court during its regular meeting.

Jacob Dupuis, the engineer for the FWSC, announced that the low bidder for the project was J and JR Construction of Van in the amount of $296,771.60 while the original grant amount totaled $218,500 leaving an overage amount of $78,271.60.

The engineer said that the FWSC has agreed to pay the overage amount and is ready to proceed with the project. The request from the engineer was approved by the commissioners’ court.

In other action during the Nov. 10 regular meeting, the commissioners’ court approved Larry Shackelford to serve on the VZC Appraisal District Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 term.

VZC Extension Agent and VZC 4-H Coordinator Melisa Rhodes presented the annual Texas A&M AgriLife Extension program interpretation of the 2021 4-H program achievements for VZC.

“This past year was quite challenging due to COVID,” said Rhodes. “Our number fell from 146 students to 82. We are heading back in the right direction. We did have as many opportunities as possible for our students to succeed. As of today, our number is back up to 117. I believe that we will recover, and we are definitely back on the right track.”

VZC Judge Don Kirkpatrick voiced his appreciation to Rhodes. “You do a great job. This is part of what VZC does not see. 4-H is a great program for the youth of VZC. Hats off to you. Your work does not go unnoticed.”

The preliminary projects for the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act were announced by Kirkpatrick and approved by the commissioners’ court.

“We have identified our project list and it includes radios for First Responders, jail construction, roads, cyber security, and a part-time worker for the district attorney and the district clerk offices to take care of records,” said Kirkpatrick. “This list could change. We are talking about federal money. They are still trying to decide what the money can actually be used for.”

Following a recommendation by VZC Pct. 3 Commissioner Keith Pearson, the commissioners’ court approved setting the speed limit at 35 MPH on VZCR 3816 in VZC Pct. 3.

The Watson Estates subdivision was approved by the com missioners’ court following a recommendation by VZC Pct. 1 Commissioner Chad LaPrade.

The Francis Second Addition subdivision in VZC Pct. 3 was approved by the commissioners’ court following a recommendation by Pearson.

After a recommendation by VZC Pct. 4 Commissioner Tim West, the commissioners’ court approved the replat of Lots 27 and 28 in the Hill Creek Estates located in VZC Pct. 4.

The closing of approximately a 113 feet by 80 feet portion of the McKain Street right-of-way in Myrtle Springs associated with lots 30-33 in VZC Pct. 3 was approved by the commissioners’ court following a recommendation by Pearson.

Private Road 8505 in the J3 Ranch subdivision in VZC Pct. 3 was added to the VZC Pct. 3 road inventory following a separate recommendation by Pearson.

A change order recommenda tion by Woodrum Construction of Edgewood regarding road and bridge material and recycled crushed concrete was approved by the commissioners’ court following a presentation by VZC Auditor Sandy Hill and Brian Woodrum of Woodrum Construction.

A series of fiscal year 2021 and fiscal year 2022 budget amendments were approved by the commissioners’ court.

Monthly reports submitted by various offices and departments of VZC government were approved and entered into the minutes of the commissioners’ court.

The minutes of the Oct. 27 commissioners’ court meeting were tabled following a recommendation by VZC Clerk Susan Strickland.

The next regular meeting of the VZC Commissioners Court is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 24, in the VZC Courthouse.