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Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

It is my belief and my opinion that the United States of America cannot sustain nor can it police the whole world. President Trump did the right thing by pulling our troops out of Syria. Seventeen years of war. There will be and always has been war, unrest and violence in the Middle East. This has been going on since the beginning of time and it is not going to change. President Trump is also right in wanting to protect America and the American citizens. There is a right way to enter America and become an American citizen. There is a reason for laws, a reason for checks and balances and a reason to do what is best for America. Law abiding, God-fearing, morally upright caring, contributing and committed people are what America was made from and what our forefathers labored tirelessly to ensure that it remained that way. For years, the standards and the foundation of these truths have been chipped away, taken from America. Unless America turns back to God and the recognition of what is good, America will become a third-world country as it turns to socialism. Socialism is the goal of the Deep State and the power-hungry greedy people. May God have mercy on America. Our President could use a note of encouragement. President Donald J. Trump 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

Jean Westbrook Wills Point

Dear Editor:

There are still Good Samaritans in the world, especially in Van Zandt County. Saturday, on my way home on Highway 80, between Edgewood and Wills Point, I had a flat tire. I arranged with my insurance company’s roadside assistance program for someone to come to change the tire. Then, I sat in my truck to await the arrival of the truck. While I sat in my pickup, three men stopped to see if they could help me. One was Randy Adams, another was Coach Greg Cranfill. The third was no one I knew, but he told that he had helped someone to plug a tire already that day. I really appreciate the help offered to me that day.

Glenn McNeill, Jr. Wills Point