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From the mouths of babes

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My school-aged children, ages 9 and 4 , were thrilled about staying home an extra week (or more) due to the coronavirus pandemic. My 9-year-old daughter is taking things seriously, and giving us all types of information and rules that we need to abide by. However, I’m not sure she is getting the full gist of what exactly the virus is. She understands the concept of handwashing, social distancing and knows that an illness is going around. She does better than her brother, who is a pre-k student at Canton Elementary, and has absolutely no idea what is going on. As I sit here on a Monday, putting together a paper for press on Tuesday, I have to find the humor in some of the things they have come up with as to how to stop the virus and return to normal life. Here are some of the quips I’ve heard.

Torin, age 4.

-“We have to turn off all the lights so the germs don’t see that we are home.”

-“If you run really fast like this, the flames from your feet burn the ‘ba-rus’. What’s a ‘ba-rus’, Mama?”

- (In Walmart) Oh my goodness Mama. The bacon is gone. We’re gonna starve.”

Zoey, age 9

-“Did the school close because everyone came and took the toilet paper from the bathrooms?”

-“Doesthis mean we have to eat Ramen noodles all of the time?”

-“You have to sterilize everything. Like everything, Mom. Like, even our socks. We might need new ones to be safe. You never know where the corona comes from. Like what if it’s dirty socks?”

Though I find these quips pretty funny most of the time, I do pause to think about what type of impact this time will leave on them. Will they remember the panic, the sense of helplessness, frustration and fear? I hope they remember the scavenger hunts that I put on for them, the nighttime movies, sidewalk chalk masterpieces, making forts in the living room, playing outside more and getting to sleep in. While we pray for this virus to quickly leave the area, I am thankful for the health of my family and for the few extra days that I had with my children before the world recovers and picks up the pace again.