Hawk Cove Police seek help with body camera funding

The Hawk Cove Police Department recently registered on BodyCameraDonations.com.

Chief Rhonda McKeenhan’s department is looking to outfit three to four police officers with Wolfcom Vision Police Body Cameras. The recently-launched website helps law enforcement agencies register for publicly funded donations of police body cameras.

Chief McKeehan is coordinating the department’s body camera donation effort.

“We’re a smaller department in a town of about 600 people. The state says we have to have body cameras by January of 2017, so we want to be in compliance with the state law. They would be great to have for safety reasons. With body cameras we can get the true story on video, so no matter what anyone says, we have exactly what happened on tape — and with everything going on in the country today, we need protection as much as the public does,” McKeehan said.

She gave an example of how having body camera video evidence would have made a difference in a case.

Chief McKeehan said, “We had a case a few years ago where our officers were chasing a suspect who was throwing drugs away. We had a dash camera, but it was pointed down the street in the wrong direction. So all a jury would see is video of the street while the chase was happening off camera. With a body camera we would have video of exactly what happened and you’d be able to see the suspect throwing the drugs as he ran.”

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