Resources for Veterans available

    Almost 3 million Americans have served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Half have been deployed more than once.  Almost a million of those who served, live with a disability.  When they served as young men and women they gave everything they had to give and excelled at their job.  When they have returned home, America has not taken care of them as they should. Besides those who gave their life, some will love with disabilities the rest of their life. 

Approximately  300,000 homeless veterans will sleep tonight on the streets somewhere in America. In addition, almost one and a half million are at risk for being homeless; that number will rise.  Too many veterans lose their family; the rate of divorce among veterans is 47 percent higher than other marriages.  22 veterans commit suicide every day; one every 2 hours.  At least half a million veterans have PTSD.

There are many, many good people in America that have started foundations to serve the brave veterans who need help.  Here are just a few:

Operation Homefront offers a lot to veterans.  They offer too many resources to list; they have started a toy drive for Christmas; financial help for veterans- food, utilities, is available.  Veterans can apply for financial help every month by filing out their application.

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