50th Golden Jubilee celebration

Fanfare, jubilation mark city’s milestone birthday

A crowd celebrated the city of West Tawakoni's 50th Golden Jubilee on Saturday at West Tawakoni City Park with fanfare and jubilation, organized by self-styled queen bee Karen Cory.

Cory was joined onstage by emcee Larry Pare.

Mayor Keith Goodson gave the invocation and spoke briefly.

Goodson praised the “minds and hearts” that put the celebration together. He noted the city had a wonderful lake and said looked to the city’s successful future.

“Because of the people and the lake, we have a unique opportunity to grow again like the city did in 1967,” Mayor Goodson said. He said the city failed to succeed then because it “depended on the wrong thing” and later defined the wrong thing as alcohol.

He said failure would not be the case in the future.

Pare added that the city had “one of the best-kept secrets in the U.S. right here in West Tawakoni with this park.”

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