Fred O. Bennett

Davis couple late getting to hospital for delivery

makes an early arrival; and the man is charged with its delivery.

The situation is a classic comedy or drama, depending on to whom it happens.

It happened to Quinlan couple Tommy and Keerstyn Davis.

“She woke up a little early having contractions. She didn’t wake me up. She was getting ready to go, getting her stuff together,” Tommy said.

Keerstyn woke him about 4:30. Tommy jumped in the shower, got the boys ready and in the truck. And the family was about ready for the trip to the hospital.

“We got to the door, and Keerstyn felt like she needed to go to the bathroom. The boys were already in the truck with the doors wide open. I was here in the living room. She went in the bathroom, and she started screaming,” he said.

Keerstyn maneuvered onto the floor of the bathroom, and two minutes later, a bouncing baby boy joined the family.

When asked about the requisite boiling water from western movies ordered by doctors at home deliveries, Tommy laughed, “I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do. It happened so fast, I wasn’t thinking about stuff like that. But looking back on it, I’ve seen all those old movies, ‘Boil water, boil water!’ but it came too fast. We just had to lie on the floor.”

Tommy did issue the mandatory “push” directions.

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