Splash pad opens tomorrow

The splash pad at Quinlan Community Park will opened Saturday for its second year of operation. Quinlan Mayor Jacky Goleman announced the opening at this week’s city council meeting. He said the splash pad would be open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. He reminded smoking is not allowed in the park since it is located on school-owned property, and state law prohibits smoking on school property. He said a change has been made since last year on the start button. The button has been replaced with a foot pedal at the same location. Goleman called attention to the need to press the pedal lightly since a jump onto it could cause it to malfunction. He noted bicycle tire marks had been made on the pad and reminded bicycles were not to be ridden on the splash pad. “We appreciate everyone reading and following the posted rules. We want to keep it so everyone can continue to enjoy it.”

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