West Tawakoni amends city park ordinance

The West Tawakoni City Council amended its ordinance regulating its city park including the fee structure.

Park Board Chairman Tomi Shoemake and member Judi Varnes discussed the document with the council and changes to it that received council approval.

An extensive discussion was held between council members, park board members and the audience on the changes, possibilities for its improvement, profitability and additional benefit to the public.

Board President Tomi Shoemake said the board had attempted to adjust rates to reflect those charged by others in the area.

Varnes reviewed changes by item recommended for change in the ordinance.

Councilwoman Dr. Donna Milburn suggested the amendments be approved, give the board time to review results and then return for another look at the ordinance.

Councilman John Hinchliffe made suggestions for signage including one on the highway noting the availability of a boat ramp in the park.

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