Hunt County Homeland Security talks weather

Hunt County Homeland Security released a statement this week regarding outdoor warning sirens in the county and what to do to prepare for threatening weather.

“Our office has been getting a lot of comments and questions regarding sirens. Here, now, is where we are with outdoor warning sirens in Hunt County. Please note the proper term for these devices is outdoor warning sirens, indicating what they are and their specific area of application. For the sake of convenience, throughout this missive, we may use the term ‘siren/s’ as a shortened version of the specific term Outdoor Warning Siren/s,” the news release states.

The release states Hunt County has no outdoor warning sirens although some communities and cities in the county do.

“There is a great deal of misunderstanding about sirens. Sirens have a function, it is to tell residents to go inside and seek more information. Sirens are an outdoor warning system — not intended to reach folks which are indoors.

“Sirens cannot tell anyone what the situation is, what is approaching, nor how much time they have before the disaster is upon them. Sirens cannot tell anyone which way the threat is approaching. Sirens cannot tell anyone what actions to take or what direction to flee— nor to shelter in place. Sirens can only instruct folks to go inside and seek information. That said, who isn’t already seeking disaster information when storms are either imminent or upon us?”

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