Overall ‘very well’ says East Tawakoni auditor

Council hears annual report, city honors employees

The East Tawakoni City Council received an upbeat audit report Tuesday night of the city’s financial operations last year at its regular monthly meeting. City employees were recognized and honored with certificates of appreciation.

Mayor Johnnie LaPrade said scheduled action on a proposed price increase by Republic Services, Inc. for garbage pickup service was delayed because of an error on information provided to the city by the company.

Valerie Cleveland of Cleveland Petty and Company PC of Josephine reported on the audit of city books for the last fiscal year. She said, “Overall, I think you did very well this year. We increased our income fund balance position. We held expenses as close as we could. We came in under budget on our expenses, so that is to be applauded.”

She said government-wide, “on this comparison where we are looking at a wide view, we ended up with an increase of $42,988, which is good. Last year, we had a decrease, so we’ve turned that around, so that is a good thing.”

Cleveland reported changes in fund equity including general fund, $29,478 increase; water and sewer fund, $22,786 increase; debt service fund, $21,613 increase; and capital projects fund, $54 increase.

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