New venues for WildThing, Bridges

Australia, South America film crews to feature Quinlan’s pet bison in TV shows

Quinlan’s own WildThing and television personalities R.C. and Sherron Bridges will follow up this month’s newspaper spreads in Italy and India with two new television shows.

The world’s favorite pet bison and his owners will film with new venues for them. An Australian crew will film this week at their Quinlan home. Two weeks later, they will follow up with a production for National Geographic audiences throughout South America and Mexico as well as Netflix.

WildThing’s latest filming will probably utilize Andy Hunt’s local pond for a summertime shoot this week, R.C. said.

Audiences worldwide thrill to WildThing’s appearances inside the Bridges’ home. He has been seen pulling a canoe with R.C. or Sherron seated inside and even stood as best man for reenactment of the Bridges’ wedding. He has been filmed having a meal with the Bridges inside their home and celebrating his birthday with a cake.

One of the most recent productions was by a company from Germany.

“The woman told me she was not scared at all,” R.C. said when the film shoot began. “That’s a good thing. If they are, an animal can pick up on it.”

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