Quinlan Ford varsity Panthers

The Quinlan Ford varsity Panthers football players are No. 1 Gio Landaverde, K, senior; No. 2 Mikey Gallegos, RB/LB, sophomore; No. 3 Noel Salazar, RB/DB, senior; No. 4 Kobe Jennings, QB/DB, sophomore; No. 5 Linus Beierschmitt, QB/DB, senior; No. 6 Dylan Jackman, RB/LB, senior; No. 7 Darion Rodriguez, RB/LB, senior; No. 8 Eli Chambers, QB/DB, freshman; No. 10 Garrett Davis, RB/LB, junior; No. 11 Moses Garcia, TE/DB, senior; No. 12 Louie Guynes, QB/DB, senior; No. 15 Christian Hulse, RB/DB, junior; No. 16 Dustin Fulbright, TE/DB, senior; No. 20 David Welch, RB/LB, senior; No. 21 Cayson Hoff, RB/DB, sophomore; No. 22, Edgar Aguillon, RB/DL, senior; No. 24 James Hoff, RB/DL, senior; No. 28 Michael Howell, TE/DB, senior; No. 32 Zane Watson, TE/DB, senior; No. 33 Tyler Trail, RB/DL, senior; No. 34 Jose Carrillo, RB/DB, senior; No. 40 Leo Rodas, TE/DB, senior; No. 45 Isaac Henson, TE/DL, senior; No. 50 Sam Garza, OL/DL, freshman; No. 52 Landon Helton, OL/LB, junior; No. 53 Kelby Green, OL/DL, senior; No. 54 J.D. Bunch, OL/DL, junior; No. 55 Phillip Romero, OL/DL, senior; No. 57 Hunter Carter, OL/DL, junior; No. 58 Jonathon Dotson, OL/LB, senior; No. 60 Frank Chavez, OL/DL, senior; No. 61 Matthew Bryant, OL/DL, senior; No. 62 Jose Talonia, OL/DL, junior; No. 63 Kevin Castillo, OL/DL, senior; No. 68 John Latimer, OL/DL, senior; No. 72 William Cotton, OL/DL, senior; No. 75 Colten Rinsem, OL/DL, senior; No. 78, Billy Phillips, OL/DL, junior; No. 79 Justin Lewis, OL/DL, sophomore; and No. 88 Cason Lane, TE/DL, junior. Coaches are Head Coach Todd Wallace, Assistant Head Coach Jawny Cannon, Defensive Coordinator Jim Coker and Assistant Coaches Jesse Seigler, Alex Lowry, Justin Rickman, Kaden Wallace, Colten Lovvorn, Timothy Rogers, Chris Meador, Mike Barton and Patrick Luecke. Athletic trainer is Jessica Waldrep.

Photo by Larry Briscoe

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