Japan visits WildThing for new show

The world’s interest in its favorite pet bison, WildThing of Quinlan, continues to build, and a new film crew was here this week for another show.

The show was originally scheduled to feature WildThing’s friendship with the wolves that also share his home.

But the director’s interest took a turn during his visit after meeting up with WildThing’s owners R.C. and Sherron Bridges.

After watching R.C. with the bison, the director quipped that R.C. was a WildMan and said “no one in Japan could ever do what R.C. does.”

Those who know R.C. know he is humble despite credentials that attest to his talent and high achievements that include repeat title wins as World Champion cowboy.

In fact the Japanese director thought R.C. was the world's Best Cowboy, but the unpretentious R.C. told him only in his wife Sherron’s eyes, not the world. (He does hold the World Champion titles, anyway.)

The show was the 64th for WildThing and the Bridges and the ninth this year including Good Morning America, the Today Show, Inside Edition, NightLine, Steve Harvey Show, RTL Germany, National Geographic Latin and South America, Australia for NetFlix and Japan Television — a lineup Hollywood’s top stars would covet.

Sherron said this week’s film showed how WildThing and the wolves liked one another.

“Our pup Eagle Black Cloud got to go swimming with WildThing. We took them to Hunt Heaven owners Andy and Deana Hunt of Quinlan,” Sherron said.

She said while at the Hunts’, the Japanese experienced the Texas life and even rode a four-wheeler.

Sherron said Gray Eagle is WildThing’s best friend.

“Our Husky, she got to be the first to come in the house with WildThing in the house. That was a first. She set up on the couch watching WildThing walk in the living room. Her name is Sherry Spirit,” Sherron said.

She said, “While in the house, I set on the coffee table next to WildThing, and I haven't gotten kisses from him since he was a calf. He let me kiss him bunches on his nose. He was enjoying being kissed.”

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