Treasures from the Quinlan Museum

Donated to the Quinlan Community Museum by M. K. Epperson, typed by Donna Smith.

Recreating Quinlan school and community history can be had by reading old newspapers. For over 50 years, Hobart Lytal (postmaster of Quinlan for about 40 years) submitted to the Greenville Banner newspaper an article about Quinlan news. To read this information you have to make a trip to Greenville and read their daily paper on microfilm.

In 2015 M.K. Epperson donated approximately six newspapers that his father had saved of old Quinlan newspapers. The papers are extremely fragile and are missing pieces of paper where the original paper was folded.

Texas A&M University at Commerce will be photocopying these old papers and store them in a climate control room. Before we gave them the papers, I wanted to share what we could, with The Quinlan-Tawakoni News readers.

We will have a copy of the disc the students make for the Northeast Texas Archives.

All of the newspapers contain national and state news. National advertisements that you can purchase in the various stores are also listed. Each issue of these papers contains a continuing story. There are no photographs, only drawings and blocked advertisements. Article will be local news and advertisements.

The Quinlan Museum needs volunteers. We ask you to spend a minimum of two (only two) hours a month to keep the museum open during school hours.

Page One - April 23, 1920 - Quinlan Review

Banking News - Quinlan State Bank - Willis Phelps, Cashier

Banking Is Business - The first purpose of banks was to provide a safe place for the money of the people, and this institution uses every means to safeguard the funds of its patrons. But we airm to serve in other ways. Our officers are practical business men. The whole spirit of this Bank is to know business in order that it may better serve the business interests of our customers.

No active or inactive officer or director under present management has ever borrowed a cent, nor will they ever in the future be permitted to borrow the bank’s money for personal use in their business. Our out site banking connection enables us to render exceeded service to our many customers and friends. - Quinlan State Bank

Banking News - First State Bank of Quinlan, Texas - S.E. Dunnam, President, J.M. Allen, Cashier

Our Business is Banking - We do not cater to one class of customers. Our Long Experience in the Banking Business, coupled with ample capita, enables us to serve acceptably the merchant as well as the farmer, the wage-earner as well as the tenant. Our entire resources are for the accommodation of the customers of this bank. When in need of funds our officers and directors go to outside sources that we may be better prepared to accommodate our patrons who are in need of funds.

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