‘Cops 4 Cops’ protects Hawk Cove officers

When the need is great and the funds are small, Who ya gonna call? Cops 4 Cops Texas Police!

Hawk Cove Chief of Police Rhonda McKeehan leads an eight-member squad of officers on few funds.

She was recently sitting in a meeting of 200 chiefs of police when the presenter asked how many had officers on the street unprotected by body armor.

“That’s what happened originally,” Chief McKeehan said. “I was in chiefs’ school in San Antonio. One of the instructors said, ‘I want to know how many chiefs in here — by show of hands — don’t have body armor in your policy.’ I raised my hand. Two hundred chiefs in there. I remember kind of looking around. I didn’t see anybody else, but I stuck it up there.”

“The guy said, ‘Why not?’” the chief quoted the instructor and answered, if the armor was put in a department’s policy, did it not have to purchase it?

“Yes, you do,” came the answer, and she answered back, “That’s why it’s not in the policy.”

McKeehan said, “I wasn’t even out of the class yet, and he sends me this little thing from Byron Colston where they were doing a fundraiser for all the officers in our department for body armor.”

The Hawk Cove officers were recently measured and fitted for the body armor.

Colston returned to Hawk Cove Thursday night with the completed armor for the officers along with Robert Forsyth of Gunfighter Supply, supplier of tactical gear and accessories, and Robbie Allmon of P2 Concepts, law enforcement, private security and training.

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