West Tawakoni works on board policy

“We all have to work together as a team and not fight each other,” said West Tawakoni Park Board member Larry Pare.

Pare made the comment at a joint workshop meeting Tuesday night of the West Tawakoni City Council and park board.

The meeting was called for “discussion and clarification” of the city’s ordinance that created the advisory board.

Mayor Keith Goodson presided and opened the meeting with a statement that the city was going to start operating meetings the way state law prescribed. The comments came before citizens comments when some indicated they wanted to speak but had not completed the speaker’s request form.

General feelings and ideas were aired with fewer specific goals and steps to take spoken. After the hour-long meeting, indications were given that another workshop needed to be held.

City Attorney James McLeroy responded to a suggestion that the ordinance should be rewritten with duties of the park board specified.

McLeroy said he wrote the ordinance and specified the park board was created to advise on events and activities and would be afraid to write an ordinance defining the duties further.

“You’re very fortunate to have a park board like this,” he said. He said it was remarkable that members showed up and worked at events along with members of the council and others.

He said the board did not have ultimate responsibility, but important responsibility.

Park board members indicated they performed the duties because they enjoyed doing it.

Audience member Carla Turnipseed said she alone had been responsible for bringing a circus to the park and that Karen Cory had individually produced the 50th anniversary celebration for the city last year. She made the comments in response to a suggestion that if it were not for the park board, “it wouldn’t happen.”

Other comments lamented the lack of communication between the groups

Park board meeting

The West Tawakoni Park Board voted Monday night to recommend to the city council appointments of new terms for three of its members.

Those include Joseph Amaya, Place 4; Alan Shoemake, Place 5; and LeAnn Rushing, Place 7.

The recommendation for Rushings reappointment was contingent on clarification on when her term expired. One document listed the date for 2018 and another in 2020.

Other members of the board are Christopher Burkett, Larry Pare, Judi Varnes and Chairwoman Tomi Shoemake.

The only other item on the agenda Fourth of July fireworks bids was tabled until a later meeting. Chairwoman Shoemake said the deadline for submitting bids was not until the day after the meeting.