Two Little Library locations added to area Thanks to effort of Hunt County Kids, United Way





“Two-thirds of children living in poverty do not own a single book.,” said Hunt County Kids Executive Director Vonda Jack. “Many of those have transportation issues, either no car or one car for the entire family.”

United Way of Hunt County built its first Little Library just over four years ago in an effort to make sure every child who would like to read a book has the opportunity to have one available in their own neighborhood.

The addition of Little Libraries in Hawk Cove at city hall and at Black Bear Crossing bring the total Hunt County Little Libraries to 27. These two libraries are sponsored by Hunt County Kids.

Jack said she sees so many families in the area in need and “the only way the kids will ever get out of the poverty cycle is to get their education. This is just one more thing we can do to help encourage that.”

“The sign reads ‘take a book, leave a book,’ but if the kids fall in love with the book and read it over and over again that is just wonderful. In the past four years, we have had 30,000 plus books go through our office and into the community through the Little Libraries. That is just the ones that come through our office, we know that many families encourage their children to help stock the Little Libraries; they take the books to their Little Library. The one in their neighborhood or close to their school. That is what it is all about, communities building community,” Jack said.

She said United Way of Hunt County supports 14 agencies throughout the county that fits Hunt County Kids’ mission, “to help all citizens of Hunt County achieve financial stability, improve education and promote healthier living.”

She said, “All of what we do is through partnerships, the partnership with Hunt County Kids is amazing, we work together to help make the summer lunch program more robust, and we see each other often in the halls at Quinlan ISD, another great partnership United Way of Hunt County is proud to have.”

Frances Dalbey, Director of United Way of Hunt County, agrees with Vonda. She said, “Education is the key. It gives people hope and a way to change the path that they are on. No matter what our age, we should always be learning.”

Jack said the Little Libraries are stocked with family-friendly books so everyone in the family could have an opportunity to take a book.

She said, “If you are interested in supporting the Little Libraries, we are always in need of books. Call the office 903-455-7414 or go online”