Four QISD students achieve karate black belts

Four Quinlan Independent School District ACE Panther martial arts students on Saturday were awarded karate black belts.

Angel Alvarado, Tyler Roton, Tanner Oliver and Jonathan Daniel are the first students to become black belts through the Panther Martial Arts program.

David Sleeper, a QISD educator who works on the C.B. Thompson Middle School campus was tested for his black belt in Shorin Ryu.

Sleeper currently holds black belt certification and is an instructor for the Panther martial arts program. Alvarado, Roton, Oliver, and Daniel have been in the ACE Panther martial arts program for the past four years.

During that time these students have been to many outside seminars and martial arts tournaments. They have repeatedly worked on techniques and requirements to reach the level of proficiency required to become a black belt. At the end of the test, the students were questioned by several black belts about various aspects of martial arts, warriorship, attitude and ways martial arts will impact other areas of their life.

The testing started at 9 a.m. and ended around noon. The students were called on to demonstrate proficiency in skills, techniques, self-defense, history, philosophy, mental preparedness and strength of character.

The students were tested by head instructor Michael Suber and instructors Dr. Don Madden and Michael Tull.

The test was attended by the students’ families and several black belt instructors from other martial arts schools across North Texas. The atmosphere of the test was one of excitement and energy.

A spokesperson said, “This accomplishment is very exciting for the Panther martial arts instructors. Since starting the program four years ago, one of the goals has always been to see students be successful, not just in martial arts, but in all aspects of their life. These four young men, as well as Mr. Sleeper, exemplify what a black belt should be in attitude and service. Alvarado, Roton, Oliver and Daniel will all be very involved in helping with the instruction of students that are working to become black belts. They will be role models and examples of what hard work, dedication, and strength of character can do to help students become their very best in life. All of these new black belt students understand that becoming a black belt means that you are just now starting to really learn what martial arts can offer.”

The students that became black belts will be recognized at the QISD ACE Panther Martial Arts Family Banquet on May 11, at 6 p.m. in the FHS cafeteria.

Students from first through 12th grade will also be recognized for the accomplishments they have earned this year.

For any questions about being a part of Panther Martial Arts, contact Tull at 903-356-1580 or by email at