Panther martial arts students compete in Cowtown

Quinlan Independent School District Panther martial arts students competed Saturday, April 7, in the Cowtown Karate Tournament in Fort Worth.

Twenty-five students from first grade through high school participated in the tournament.

Tiffony Upchurch, Quinlan ISD Director of School Community Relations said, “The students from Quinlan ISD have been very competitive in each tournament they have competed in this school year. Quinlan students earned 49 first-, second- or third-place medals from the Fort Worth tournament and four fourth-place awards.”

The students competed in open hand forms, weapon forms, sparring events.

Students who competed in this tournament were Piper Jackson, Sirmarcqous Napier, Hayden Brister, Christopher McDaniel, Ethan Oliver, Darryll Rollins, Tanner Oliver, Keith Jackson, Tyler Roton, Rayhan Haider, Forrest Hickey, Zayne Tull, James Peninger, Analucia Trevino, Kason Raulston, Ruby Yanes, Emberlyn Elston, Fletcher White, Damien Morris, Blake White, James White, Kevin Waggnor, Colton Pitts, Aaron Bolin and Jonathan Daniels.

Upchurch said Quinlan ISD Panther martial arts instructors Michael Suber, Michael Tull, David Sleeper and Dr. Don Madden “are all very proud of the students and the outstanding competitiveness they displayed by earning the number of medals they did at this tournament. Even more than that, we are proud of the sportsmanship, character and integrity the students demonstrated as they represented Quinlan ISD. Numerous instructors from other martial arts schools represented at the tournament made comments about how impressed they were about the level of respect Quinlan students demonstrated. One black belt instructor made the comment to Michael Tull, ‘I am not used to seeing such a strong level of respect as I have witnessed from your students.’ The students from QISD have represented our school, our community and themselves with great honor and integrity and we want them to know how proud of them we are.”

Ten students also competed in the Dangerfield Karate Tournament on April 21. This was the last tournament for the 2017-18 school year.

The 10 earned 26 first-, second- or third-place medals. They included James Peninger, Fletcher White, Piper Jackson, Sirmarcqous Napier, Hayden Brister. Darryll Rollins, Keith Jackson, Zayne Tull, Destiny Parker and Mason McKinney.

Upchurch said, “Once again, QISD students represented the school, their parents and themselves with tremendous respect and a strong competitive spirit. Many of the students parents attended the tournament. It is exciting to see how this program has grown and how the students have made such vast improvements in their skill over the past years.”

The Panther Martial Arts program will celebrate the year’s accomplishments at the upcoming Panther Martial Arts Family Banquet. Parents and community members will be recognized for their support of the program at this event to be held Friday, May 11, at 6 p.m. in the FHS cafeteria.