QISD Education Foundation awards 14 grants

“The Quinlan ISD Education Foundation has officially announced grants awarded for the 2018-19 school year, and we cannot be more excited,” said Vice President of Programs Barbara Norris.

Quinlan ISD Director of School Community Relations Tiffony Upchurch several marked several changes this year in applying for a student enrichment gran resulted in the highest number of teachers applying for grants to date.

Upchurch said, “The process was streamlined with a more natural flow of information to ensure that each grant indeed met campus and district instructional goals. Hand-delivering of paperwork was eliminated. Through Eduphoria, applicants applied for a grant online, and the grant went to the campus principal for approval, then the campus instructional director, then if it were related to fine arts or technology, it would flow to them for approval, and then back to the foundation.”

Peggy Clore in the Technology Department worked with foundation liaison Upchurch Chapman to make the changes.

Upchurch said the Programs Committee “worked hand-in-hand with the district’s Instructional Director Team. Funding that was available for various grants within the school budget was made available. An additional five grant applicants received financing on top of what the foundation was able to offer. These teachers would not have won this funding if they had not written a grant for the foundation, and the resources found within the school budget to fund their initiatives.”

Norris said, “We are extremely excited about this partnership this year because it truly helped the foundation work with the school to get more money for academic-related initiatives.”

Funds awarded to teachers through resources available this year within the school’s budget include Laurie Renfrow, $2,919.70, for a Science Exploration Station in Pre-K-3; Landra Hoff, $766.65, for Educational/STEM materials for elementary GT students;

Lauren Dierolf, $800, for journalism technology; James Davis, $621, for the rest of his math team grant to equal $3,000; and Melisa Ward, $1423.10, for the rest of her English team grant to equal $3,000.

The Parade of Grants was held on Monday.

The 2018 Education Foundation grant winners, grant amounts and purpose include Tori Dorsey, $1,110, D.C. Cannon Elementary School music, Orff Instrument Sands; Sarah Baker, $2,249.55, first grade team, stem bins; Dollie Fisk and Keitha Norris team, $1,500, science lab equipment;

Christy Clements, $560.80, dictionaries for A.E. Butler Intermediate School; Michael Barrett, $1,243,94, Drumming Around the World (music;) Daniel McGill, $1,100, “Math: I Know It!”; Julie Todd, $1,100, C.B. Thompson Middle School, Project UIL Domination;

Briana Tiffee, $959.60, headphones; Melisa Ward and W.H. Ford High School English Department, $1,576.90, Classroom Libraries; James Davis and W.H. Ford High School Math Department, $2,379, TI-Nspire and Navigator calculators; Lori Barber and W.H. Ford High School Science Department, $1,708.39, Outdoor Aquatic Learning Area; and

Vicki Coker and Stacey Wallen, W.H. Ford High School Biology Department, $1,500, DNA and Me; Vicki Coker, $1,500, Genes to the International Space Station; and Alan Stowers, $1,500, Science Students Math Readiness.

Upchurch said, “Congratulations to each of these grant recipients. Monies will become available the first of August for this next school year. The QISD Education Foundation is a 50c3 Non-Profit Organization. The Foundation serves as a partner to Quinlan Independent School District.”