Sheriff reports ‘jury failure to show’ scam

“It has come to the attention of the Hunt County Sheriffs Office that person or persons have been calling citizens representing themselves as officers of the court stating they are calling about failure to show for jury duty,” said Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Meeks said suspects are calling citizens informing them that they have missed jury duty and if they dont provide a credit card number over the phone in order to pay a fine, a deputy will be sent to their residence, and they will be taken to jail.

“Citizens need to be aware that no one within the county offices will call and request a credit card number over the phone for any type of violation. We encourage everyone to be very suspicious of anyone asking for personal identification or credit card numbers over the phone,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Meeks said, “If you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to contact the Hunt County Sheriffs Office at 903-453-6800 or your local police department. I strongly encourage everyone to be cautious with your personal information such as drivers license numbers, date of birth or any information that can be used to set up fraudulent accounts or steal money out of your bank accounts.”