A life and legacy through football and relationship

Coach Mike Barton

You may remember a coach or a teacher that really inspired you, someone you really liked not because they were easy to work with, but because they were tough but fair, and kind of fun and maybe, just maybe, even cool!

Coach Mike Barton used to be the head coach at Thompson Middle School.

Barton now helps out in the athletic department and teaches health. Barton is also an Assistant Coach.

“Kids here like me and I don’t know why!” laughed Barton. “I try to form relationships but I think they like the structure. It was a pretty good program when I was there. It still is a good program.” 

Whenever he’s away from Thompson Middle School, Barton and a few members of the athletic department connect at Ford High School.

“We get to come over here during early practice and then we’re with the Varsity on Friday nights and we work with the coaches on Saturday and Sunday,” said Barton. “Varsity wise, I’m excited. We got some pretty good senior leadership but we also have some good younger kids that seem to be getting better. I don’t get to work with them nearly as much in the spring. I’m going by what the other coaches have said. They are excited.”

Barton has been a coach for 38 years, with a little more than 20 years in Quinlan ISD. Football was fully immersed into his life since boyhood.  

“My son is living at my mom’s house now in Arkansas. He found my senior notebook. He said ‘there was a lot of Football stuff in it’ and I said ‘well that’s what I did,’” said Barton.

Over the years, Barton has seen a lot of changes in the world of Football, from the rules of the game to the intensity of play from when he grew up, the small-town of Lewisville in southwest Arkansas where boys like him played football and didn’t worry too much about getting hurt.

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