Consideration of a GoBus extension out to Greenville

East Tawakoni and the surrounding Lake Tawakoni area may soon see GoBus travel extended out towards Greenville and beyond if the East Texas Council of Governments approves the consideration.

“In the past, we would take citizens from Rains County into Greenville or Sulphur Springs and for whatever reason that was cancelled and stopped,” said Business Development Manager Melissa Cure. “But we did send out a survey to see and ask and get a number of if there was a need ... how many people would need the service and also how often they would need to go and where they would need to go. We are not doing it yet but we are trying to survey people and get an idea of who may need the service.”

Traditionally, the GoBus has served residents further east with East Tawakoni included.

“Our buses average about 14 passengers. We cover 14 counties so that’s about 10,000 square miles,” said Cure. “People don’t see boundaries. We are actually working with TRACKS and partner with them to get some people into Longview or Tyler if it is a specialist or others they don’t have in their area.”’

“They park the GoBus behind city hall,” said the East Tawakoni City Administrator. “The residents call … to request the rides. It seems to be used quite often in the area.”

“We are excited that the East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) is considering extending their service area to include trips to Greenville and/or Sulphur Springs for our Rains County residents,” said Cure. “In the past, they have only been able to offer rides to the Tyler area. Many of our Rains County citizens use doctors and clinics in Sulphur Springs and Greenville and we are often asked about transportation to these areas. ETCOG wants to accommodate these needs and they are willing to offer trips to these areas but will need feedback from you to do so. They need to know where you need to go, when and how often!”

Those who are interested in utilizing the service can contact ETCOG at 1-800-590-3371. The uses do not have to be for just medical reasons. They can also be used for shopping, visiting a friend, school, work and other activities.