Panther football player recovering after dehydration, heat exhaustion

 Mikey McCarter

Ford High School Varsity Football player Mikey McCarter Jr. continues to recover after suffering from severe dehydration and heat exhaustion after a Sept. 7 football game against Royce City.

Three weeks ago, McCarter suffered from the same condition during football practice, causing his kidneys to fail and was hospitalized. He was thought to have fully recovered but the condition re-occurred on the football field during Friday night’s game in Royce City.

“His whole body cramped and he began to have chest pains and trouble breathing,” said McCarter’s mother, Jessie McCarter. “That’s when he was taken to Children’s hospital and admitted for a second time. His kidneys were starting to fail again so all they could do was keep him comfortable and keep pushing IV fluids while monitoring his kidney levels and his heart … please keep your children/athletes hydrated. This Texas heat is no joke and can be very unforgiving.”

Jessie has continued to update close family and friends with details on Mikey’s health and the latest reports show that Mikey is recovering.

“He is recovering and gaining his strength back … resting and staying hydrated,” said Jessie. “It’s been a tough couple of weeks but we’ve been able to overcome this obstacle. Thanks to the outpouring of texts, calls, love and prayers from family and our amazing community!”

The McCarter family has been showered with encouragement, thoughts, prayers and support during what has been a trying time and invites the community to send cards and letters to them at P.O. Box 357, Quinlan, TX. 75474.

“We truly believe he is recovering quickly because of all the love and prayers from everyone. He has a great support system, amazing coaches and a community that comes together for their own,” said Jessie. “Keep the prayers coming, they are greatly appreciated!”