Crunkleton’s answer call to restore Duck Cove Marina

Duck Cove Marina. Photo by Jennifer Crunkleton.

Jennifer Crunkleton worked for a company recycling paper. She’s now working to recycle a marina. Jennifer and her husband, Rodney, have been working hard to rebuild and expand the Duck Cove Marina and RV Park.

“They had a restaurant, a store, gas … and this was the place to be in Lake Tawakoni. But what happened was the culture of the area changed … it kind of became undesirable for a while,” said Jennifer, recalling the history of the marina.

Once Jennifer moved into the area, she noticed the marina more and more and felt a call to do something.

“When we moved here, we continued with our lives and we moved right next to the Marina. We felt like it was a God thing because I kept getting drawn to that Marina over and over … and it was a year long process of me talking to the guy that owned it … for us to come to a meeting of the minds that he wanted to sell and we wanted to buy. And that was our mission … to take that place and change the culture and take it to where it needed to be,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer and Rodney answered the call. Jennifer resigned from her job in November 2017 and Rodney continued to work, making the Duck Cove Marina a secondary job for him. What was an idea was turning into a community effort … an opportunity to reach out to people in the community and get some good fishing in.

“There’s great fishing out there,” said Jennifer. “Crappie is really big out there especially when they are biting. That hits around the cooling season because of the habitat there. There’s been 40 to 60 catfish out there.”

Jennifer and Rodney have already painted the marina’s peer building blue and added the words, “God … Family … Fishing,” on the side of the building. The Crunkleton’s are tearing apart the old pieces of the docks and peers and replacing them with new ones for people to leave their boats and will add a new building that will provide treats such as burgers, hot wings and healthy food choice items.

“We’ll also try to add gas back so people can come and get gas,” said Jennifer. “We are taking down the old docks and putting down new ones … a new store, a restaurant and that’s all part of our plans. We got plans to take it to the place that people want it to be. We actually purchased the place at the end of July of this year. Our complete involvement has really been over 30 days. But the whole process is just God drawing us to that place over and over again and Him putting it in front of us.”

What has turned into the desire to restore a marina has now grown into an effort to restore a community as they work together to build something great for the lake.

“God is turning this into a ministry because there’s so many people’s lives that we’re able to touch and support and it is truly amazing what is happening in the 30 days that it has happened. It is a spiritual thing for me. The last 30 days has really turned into a ministry and we’ve been able to do some things in the community. The community helping us and us helping the community and people needing work and us being able to put them to work … because we have so much going on and them being able to help us do the work … the lives we are able to touch,” said Jennifer.