Homecoming events move indoors

“I feel great … and wet,” said Secretary of PRIDE academy, Angie Stringer, who was accompanied by Christina Tull, Michael Tull’s wife and others who are members of the PRIDE academy for the school district.

The wet and rainy weather conditions that hit the Quinlan – Lake Tawakoni area all day Saturday made Homecoming celebrations a challenge, but vendors and hosts of various booths for games, food and the cakewalk met the challenges of poor weather conditions head on.  

The Homecoming Parade has been moved to Oct. 20 due to the weather with the 10:00 a.m. time remaining the same.  Not long after that decision was made, the Quinlan Independent School District Fall Festival was moved to into the Ford High School gym and hallways in an effort to keep the event from being uncomfortably wet and cold.

The Alumni game was held inside of the athletic building next door.

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