A week of rain floods lake area

Last weeks torrent of rainstorms caused flooding in some low-line and dense parts of the Quinlan – Lake Tawakoni area and caused Lake Tawakoni to rise a little above flood stage.

Drivers going along the Highway 751 Causeway that crosses Lake Tawakoni experienced hazardous road conditions as the lake waters surfaced slightly above the roadway and washed debris and tree limbs along the northbound side. Waters from the lake caused moderate flooding, making travel along the Causeway challenging as drivers not only had to deal with the ongoing showers, but also the backsplash from drivers, causing the northbound side of Highway 751 to be slower than usual.

Nonetheless, emergency crews did come in to clean the debris off of the road from time to time and managed to keep from closing the Causeway.

Colby Cope and Dakota Lowe of the Tawakoni South Fire Department were on scene to make sure traffic flow was normal and that the roadway was clear of any objects or debris that would wash along the roadway. The crew also made sure that the bridge was not structurally unsound due to the overflow of water from Lake Tawakoni onto the bridge.

“At this time, the waves are what’s causing the initial flow over but due to the increased chances of rain that we got over the next two or three days, anything probably above five inches could cause the bridge to be flooded,” said Cope. “We have no reason to believe that there are any structurally unsound parts of the bridge. And we haven’t had any issues so far as vehicle incidents on the bridge. People seem to be cautious, as they should be. Lake Tawakoni is actually overfilled at this time. It was actually full a week ago. As always we run the water rescue on this side of the lake so we are continuously watching water levels and watching roadways to make sure we know what’s closed and what’s open and we can keep an eye out on everything.”

Highways such as 34 and 276 were clear of any issues during the rain apart from standing water along the sides of the roads. County roads within Quinlan and the West Tawakoni area overflowed with two to three inches of water due to the onslaught of rain.

The forecast for the remainder of the next few days do call for short-lived partly cloudy skies and for highs to average around the 60’s with sunny conditions.