Hornets defeat Panthers, 50 – 29

The Panthers suffered yet another disappointing loss in last Friday’s game against the Athens Hornets with a final score of 50 – 29.

The Hornets took the lead right away in the first quarter with a 64 yard touchdown run by Hornet #7 Senior Rhe’jhi Sherfield and a 70 yard touchdown run by Hornet #25 Junior Jerquindon Taylor.

The Panthers were finally able to put a number or two on the scoreboard during the second quarter, gaining 14 points with Panther #4 Junior Kobe Jennings with a one yard touchdown run. Panther #8 Sophomore Eli Chambers made a five yard touchdown run. But Hornet #25 took over with a 77 yard touchdown followed by Horney #7 peforming a 67 yard touchdown run.

The third quarter featured Panther #8 Eli Chambers performing a 6 yard touchdown run followed by Hornets #30 Connor Clay following up with a 6 yard touchdown run of his own, holding the lead over the Panthers.

The fourth and final quarter of the game featured the Hornets getting a 13 yard field goal and a six yard touchdown. The Panthers managed to pull off a 61 yard touchdown pass from #8 Eli Chambers to #33 Bryce Sandman and gained a two point conversion.

In the end, the Athens Hornets won over the Quinlan Ford Panthers with a final score of 50 – 29.

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Todd Wallace said that gameplay was not too good during Friday’s game and that there was room for improvement.

“Really thought we did not play poorly, except for turnovers,” said Wallace. “You can not turn ball over four times and beat a good team. They have an excellent line and some fastbacks. Thought the offense (other than turnovers) executed better and moved ball consistently v. a good defense. Our focus is to keep getting better and try to win our last two games and see what happens. Regardless, we want to finish strong. Game balls went to Jose Talonia, Garrett Davis, and Eli Chambers.”