West Tawakoni EDC previews Lakewest Plaza

The City of West Tawakoni Economic Development Corporation shared the latest preliminary front elevation rendering of what is presently called Lakewest Plaza.

The rendering features a movie theater, a restaurant and a hotel, all of which will be located across the street from city hall on Highway 276. The renderings display a stone exterior for the hotel and movie theater, an outdoor stairwell that leads to then movie theater’s outdoor dining area, a metal awning above the windows at the front of the restaurant and a rooftop bar and grill at the hotel that would allow a view of the nearby golf course and lake.

The business portion of the project is still in process and Economic Development Corporation President Linda Kattner said that she and her staff are preparing for the opportunity to review the necessary documentation.

“We’re still waiting to go to closing,” said Kattner. “We’re awaiting the final documentation from the title company and then our attorney would have to look over it and make sure that everything is acceptable and we should be able to set a closing date.”

Reaction from local residents throughout the Quinlan – Lake Tawakoni area has been positive and curious. The city anticipates much more to come as they continue to work with Garrett Moore Company.  

“We’re very pleased. They’ve been very helpful to the city and we anticipate much more in the future,” said Kattner.

On Jun. 4 the West Tawakoni EDC discussed approving a sale of the EDC property to Garrett Moore Company to build the hotel, theater and restaurant.

A presentation was given by Terry Moore from Garrett Moore Company who suggested that the EDC could sale the four acres by the golf course.

Estimated cost of the project could be $15 Million, a smaller project compared to the $300 and $400 million dollar construction builds that Garrett Moore Company has done in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The project could provide the community with up to 120 new jobs, part-time and full-time and parking would be readily available for visitors, tourists, boaters and those employed on the property.