Election Night Results Are In

Election Night and early Wednesday morning results poured in from coast to coast with projections declaring the Democrats to take majority control of the U.S. House of Representatives, while Republicans were poised to maintain control of the Senate, leaving congress split till the 2020 elections.

An Election Day shift came to the City of West Tawakoni for the Mayoral seat with Alan Shoemake winning over Keith Goodson 225 to 141. In Place Two, Linda Kattner beat Chuck Calkins 224 to 131 and in Place Four Donna R. Milburn bested John Hinchliffe 215 to 141.

Residents of the surrounding Quinlan - Lake Tawakoni area casted their vote in big numbers. In the City of Quinlan, the council chamber was filled with people with a line stretching out past the entryway as people waited patiently to cast their votes. In West Tawakoni, 340 votes were already cast a little after Noon Tuesday.

Mitzi Freeman of Union Valley was one of several residents standing in line waiting to exercise her right to vote.

“This is probably the most important vote I’ll ever cast in my whole life,” said Freeman. “This morning the line was back to the end of the building.”

Freeman said that she believes the country is not as strong as it should be and desires a positive change.

“I think basically it is just where we are headed as a nation. We used to to be strong … we’re not so much anymore and we’ve got to get back to that … that American value,” said Freeman.

Scott Carpenter and his wife also made a point to take the time to come and vote.

“My vote is so important because we need to get this country back to God,” said Carpenter. “We’re getting away from our values … and too much to where people decide their own ways instead of following what God says.

For Carpenter, his biggest concern and reason for voting is his family values and making sure that his family and his kids are strengthened and grown to become good Americans.

In other Texas races, Republican Senator Ted Cruz defeated Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke in what became a nationally recognized state election that managed to gain the attention of political analysts, critics and media from across America and the world. Texas Governor, Republican Greg Abbott held his seat against Democrat Lupe Valdez. Republican Dan Patrick also defeated his Democratic challenger Mike Collier for Lieutenant Governor. Republican Ken Paxton beat out Democrat Justin Nelson in the Attorney General race.