“A Classic Christmas” lightens up dreary night

It was a cold and rainy Friday night in the Quinlan – Tawakoni area, but that didn’t stop the city of Quinlan from holding their annual “Classic Christmas” tree lighting event.

The tree lightning at the Quinlan Independent School District Administration Office featured indoor and outdoor activities, with hot cocoa and Frito and chili pies served at the front under the pavilion and pictures with Santa, face painting and other crafts inside of the building and across the street at the Trestle Board Masonic Lodge #534.

Children were laughing and playing, Christmas music played in the background and people with smiles on their faces crowded both the inside and outside of the event area.

“In the community around Quinlan, it is very important that we do things for the children of Quinlan and Quinlan ISD,” said City of Quinlan Mayor Jacky Goleman. “It is a great event. They get to come out and get free Santa Claus pictures, free food, they get all kinds of entertainment. And it is just a good event that people can come out and enjoy and get into the Christmas spirit. The city of Quinlan has really been moving forward lately … a lot of things going on. We got new monument signs; we got six new flagpoles going up. We decorated around city hall … lots of lights now around downtown. The city is more than happy to make things festive.”

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